Google Pushes It’s Tyranny And Oppression On The World And Tricks Naive Young Millennial Rainbow Hair Kids Into Helping The Google Cult Rig Politics


Google is a “Cult”. Period!

The executives and investors at Google are as delusional as the stupid children that Google hires to SJW to entire planet!

The term cult usually refers to a social group defined by its religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or its common interest in a particular personality, object or goal. The term itself is controversial and it has divergent definitions in both popular culture and academia and it also has been an ongoing source of contention among scholars across several fields of study.[1][2] In the sociological classifications of religious movements, a cult is a social group with socially deviant or novel beliefs and practices,[3] although this is often unclear.[4][5][6] Other researchers present a less-organized picture of cults on the basis that cults arise spontaneously around novel beliefs and practices.[7] The word "cult" has always been controversial because it is (in a pejorative sense) considered a subjective term, used as an ad hominem attack against groups with differing doctrines or practices.[8][9] Groups said to be cults range in size from local groups with a few members to international organizations with millions.[10]

Beginning in the 1930s, cults became the object of sociological study in the context of the study of religious behavior.[11] From the 1940s the Christian countercult movement has opposed some sects and new religious movements, and it labelled them as cults for their "un-Christian" unorthodox beliefs. The secular anti-cult movement began in the 1970s and it opposed certain groups, often charging them with mind control and partly motivated in reaction to acts of violence committed by some of their members. Some of the claims and actions of the anti-cult movements have been disputed by scholars and by the news media, leading to further public controversy.

The term "new religious movement" refers to religions which have appeared since the mid-1800s. Many, but not all of them, have been considered cults. Sub-categories of cults include: Doomsday cults, political cults, destructive cults, racist cults, polygamist cults, and terrorist cults. Governmental reactions to cult-related issues have also been a source of controversy.

Terminological history

Further information: Cult (religious practice), Sociological classifications of religious movements, Holiness movement, Faith healing, Anti-cult movement, and ritual abuse panic

Howard P. Becker's church-sect typology, based on Ernst Troeltsch's original theory and providing the basis for the modern concepts of cults, sects, and new religious movements

English-speakers originally used the word "cult" not to describe a group of religionists, but to refer to the act of worship or to a religious ceremony. The English term originated in the early 17th century, borrowed via the French culte, from Latin cultus (worship). The French word, in turn, derived from the Latin adjective cultus (inhabited, cultivated, worshiped), based on the verb colere (to care, to cultivate).[12] The word "culture" also derives from the Latin words cultura and cultus; "culture" in general terms refers to the customary beliefs, social forms and material traits of a religious or social group.[13]

While the literal original sense of the word in English remains in use, a derived sense of "excessive devotion" arose in the 19th century. The terms cult and cultist came into use in medical literature in the United States in the 1930s for what would now be termed "faith healing", especially as practised in the US Holiness movement. This usage experienced a surge of popularity at the time, and extended to other forms of alternative medicine as well.[14] In the English-speaking world the word "cult" often carries derogatory connotations.[15]

Most sociologists and scholars of religion began to reject the word "cult" altogether because of its negative connotations in mass culture.[16] Some began to advocate the use of new terms like "new religious movement", "alternative religion" or "novel religion" to describe most of the groups that had come to be referred to as "cults",[17] yet none of these terms have had much success in popular culture or in the media. Other scholars have pushed to redeem the word "cult" as one fit for neutral academic discourse.[18]

Sam Levin in San Francisco
More than 60 current and former Google employees are considering bringing a class-action lawsuit alleging sexism and pay disparities against women, as the technology giant wrestles with a deepening crisis over alleged discrimination.
James Finberg, the civil rights attorney working on the possible legal action on behalf of the female employees, told the Guardian they contend they have earned less than men at Google despite equal qualifications and comparable positions.
Others, he said, have struggled in other ways to advance their careers at Google due to a “culture that is hostile to women”.
The Silicon Valley company is reeling from the leak over the weekend of a male software engineer’s 10-page manifesto criticizing diversity initiatives and arguing that men occupy more leadership roles than women in tech “biological differences”.

Why Google Must Be Eradicated From The Earth

By Wendy Ives

Google is the Enron of the internet, The Stasi of the web, the Jim Jones of information, the Nazi’s of
politics, the cancer of networking, the Scientology of corporate culture and the social hemorrhoid of the
planet Earth.

As of today, there are over a million articles on the web itemizing the horrific evils and crimes against
the public that Google has engaged in.

From data abuse to bribery, from White House take-overs to epic tax evasion, from monopolization and
anti-trust to hooker murders and sex penthouses, from the abuse of school children to reading the
public’s emails, from spying on the public for secret police services to misogynistic corporate culture,
from not hiring blacks to creating immigration conflicts, from age-ism to elitism, to hundreds of other
social crimes: Google no longer has a right to exist!

Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen and the rest of the billionaire madmen at Google
have proven that they are incapable of existence without a glut of sex scandals, bribes, illegal
manipulations of public policy and other societal ills.

Everyone should contact every company that they see advertising on Google and tell them to STOP
advertising on Google. When you see those top sets of search results on any Google search; you know,
the ones with special highlights at the top and side of the page of Google search results? Write those
companies and tell them you are boycotting them until they stop appearing on Google.
Write your elected representatives and demand that Google be investigated.

Tell your friends that they are “dumb” if they continue to use Google. Warn them of the dangers and
evils of the Google empire.

Join every anti-google group you can find and follow their suggestions for shutting down Google.
Use your social media to further expand the distribution of stories exposing the raw criminality of
Google. Get the word out. Don’t let the information flow lapse. Get your friends on social media to
pass the word, too.

Google spends nearly a billion dollars a year bribing politicians to keep law enforcement away from
them. That is a crime. It is a crime against YOU, personally. You pay part of your payroll to politicians
in order to get protection, yet Google pays them ten times more to keep those same politicians from
doing their jobs.

You owe it to your family, society and your own safety to do what you can to stop Google from
spreading it’s festering debauched tech billionaire tunnel-vision across the land.


If you want to get turned into a DNC-SJW, this is where you go! Google operates this thing like "a Scientology Cult On Heroin" say insiders

Stars descend on Google's secret summer camp for billionaires in Sicily: Oprah, Gayle King, Diane Sawyer, and Julianna Margulies stay on David Geffen's $300m yacht

  • Also on the yacht was Diane Von Furstenberg, Dasha Zhukova and Bob Iger 

  • Geffen posted pictures of the gang smiling on the boat and out for lunch 

  • Gayle shared pictures out on a hike with Oprah, Sawyer and Von Furstenberg

  • It's likely the famous group were together for Google's exclusive summer camp

By Reporter


The stars were out in full force on David Geffen's $300million yacht last week, which played host to the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Diane Sawyer, and Gayle King.

Geffen's boat was anchored off the luxurious Verdura Resort in Sicily, where Google's exclusive three-day summer camp is held every year. 

The annual event is held at the $1,770-a-night resort, but it was Geffen's 454-foot boat where a slew of celebrities decided to play instead.  

Geffen posted pictures of his famous crew's week together in Italy, where he was also joined by designer Diane Von Furstenberg, actress Julianna Margulies, and Disney CEO Bob Iger. 


The stars were out in full force on David Geffen's $300million yacht last week. Pictured (L-R) Gayle King, Diane Sawyer, Oprah Winfrey, Diane Von Furstenberg, Bob Iger, his wife Willow Bay, and Russian businesswoman Dasha Zhukova




The music mogul also posted a photo of his star-studded crew having lunch in Sicily, Pictured is King, Sawyer, Von Furstenberg, Oprah, Geffen and Julianna Margulies 




Geffen's boat was anchored off the luxurious Verdura Resort (pictured) in Sicily, where Google's exclusive three-day summer camp is held every year

The music mogul posted a picture on Instagram of the group smiling on his yacht Rising Sun last week, happily dropping their famous names in the caption. 

'Bob Iger, Willow, Gayle, Oprah, Diane, Dasha Zhukova, DVF. A great week in Sicily,' he wrote. 

They stars all smiled big for the camera, including Russian businesswoman Zhukova, whose divorce to Roman Abramovich was announced just days later.

Geffen also posted a photo of him, Zhukova, and oil heir Michael Hess relaxing in their swimsuits.

His star-studded crew was also snapped enjoying a casual meal at Lo Scoglio. 

Geffen was joined for lunch by Von Furstenberg and her husband Barry Diller, Oprah, Sawyer, King, and Margulies and her husband Keith Lieberthal.

An umbrella-dotted beach could be seen in the background as everyone except Geffen shielded their famous faces with sunglasses. 




Gayle King also posted a picture of the power crew on her Instagram, revealing that she took a hike with Oprah, Von Furstenberg, the designer's husband Barry Diller, and Sawyer 

The businessman remarked in the caption that it was a 'great meal'. 

Gayle also posted a picture of the group having a blast in Italy, sharing a snap of a hike she took with Oprah, Von Furstenberg, Diller, and Sawyer.

'The hiking version of words with friends in Italy! We all survived,' she wrote in the caption.  

It seems likely that Geffen's celebrity gang got together during Google's lavish 'top secret' summer camp in Italy.

The annual event is held at the $1,770-a-night Verdura Resort on the island of Sicily by Google's billionaire co-founders Larry Page and Sergrey Brin. 

This year's event was held just days before the company made headlines after Google engineer James Damore's memo about women being less biologically suited for some jobs in tech went viral. 

Every year Page and Brin invite a select few of the world's wealthiest leaders in business, tech, sports, and entertainment to spend three days at the retreat. 

Mornings as the resort are dedicated to discussions ranging from human rights to the internet, while afternoons and nights are filled with lavish dinners and performances. 



It is likely that the crew got together at Google's summer camp in Sicily, as Geffen revealed he was attending the exclusive event with NBA legend Kevin Durant 




Geffen also posted a picture with oil heir Michael Hess and Zhukova, who was smiling for the camera just days before her divorce from Roman Abramovich was announced

There are days trips around the coast, visits to wineries and local tourist spots, as well as spa treatments. 

On the last night of the camp, Google spends more than $80,000 renting the massive 2,500-year-old Valley of the Temples ruins for a spectacular concert and sit-down dinner for 300 people - which this year featured Elton John and Lenny Kravitz.  

It was discovered this year that Prince Harry attended the camp, along with actress Emma Watson. 

And although guests are forbidden from publicizing the event on social media, the Instagram-loving Geffen couldn't help himself. 

Just a day before posting pictures of his celebrity-filled yacht, Geffen shared a snap with Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant. 




Google's annual summer camp is held at the $1,770-a-night Verdura Resort (pictured) by Google's billionaire co-founders Larry Page and Sergrey Brin




Rising Sun (pictured) is a 454ft-long yacht that was built for Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and bought by Geffen in 2010

In the caption Geffen indicated that he was attending Google camp in Sicily. 

This is hardly the first time Geffen's yacht has been a temporary home for his famous friends. 

In March the music mogul hosted Barack Obama and Michelle Obama along with Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, and Oprah for a trip through the French Polynesia. 

Springsteen and Hanks are regular guests on the Rising Sun, while Mariah Carey, James Packer, Leonardo di Caprio and Steven Spielberg have also graced its deck. 

The stunning 454ft-long yacht was built for Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and bought by Geffen in 2010.



  • "We care so much about the poor and the immigrants as we eat our caviar and screw each others wives on the yachts"

After her time in Sicily, Gayle continued her vacation in Mykonos, joking that she was still 'kinda' counting her Weight Watchers points 














 Google CEO Sundar Pichai Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A series of anti-Google outdoor ads have popped up in Los Angeles near the Google office in Venice.

The ads appear to be related to the saga of James Damore, the Google engineer who was fired earlier this week after writing a 3,000-word essay criticizing Google's diversity policies in which he suggested that biological differences in women could make them less suited to work at Google.

He distributed the "memo" widely inside the company.

Someone is in Venice is not happy about Google's firing of that memo guy. These are all over Santa Monica and Venice.
— Alex Rubalcava (@AlexRubalcava) August 11, 2017

One ad reads "Goolag," a play on words referring to gulags, the Soviet forced-labor camps from the 20th century.

Damore wore a "Goolag" shirt in his headshot taken by a photographer known for photographing other fringe conservative figures, including Mike Cernovich and Milo Yiannopoulous. 

Other ads are criticizing Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who fired Damore in a company email made available to the public. A New York Times columnist called for Pichai to be fired on Friday. 

Some of the ads seem to imply that Apple would not have fired James Damore, or its late CEO, Steve Jobs, would have been sympathetic to Damore's arguments. Although the ads use the Apple logo and its famous slogan "Think Different," they're not Apple ads and Apple was not involved. 

Since his firing, Damore has embraced alt-right personalities and other figures in fringe conservative media, many of whom have performed similar attention-grabbing stunts.

We don't know who is behind these ads yet, whether they're connected to Damore, but we know they're not official ads placed by Outfront, which handle the legitimate ads shown in those locations.

"These are fake and we are dealing with the situation," an Outfront representative told Business Insider.

Google didn't immediately return requests for more information. 

This bus stop is a block away from the Google office in Venice. Holy shit.
— adra21 (@adra21) August 11, 2017

Why Google Is Evil:

Google is a CIA-Based spy operation designed to steal your data, your thoughts and steer your mind!


More than 60 women consider suing Google, claiming sexism and a pay gap

Scandal over discrimination at the company deepens as dozens of current and former staff say they earned less than men despite equal qualifications
 Google is still reeling from the leak of a male software engineer’s 10-page manifesto criticizing diversity initiatives. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters